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Preaching Justice: Ethnic and Cultural Perspectives

Author: Christine Marie Smith

Preaching Justice brings together eight very diverse voices from eight distinct cultural/ethnic communities, challenging them to articulate the specific justice concerns, issues, and passions that give rise to a preaching ministry within the their own community and beyond. Theological analyses are offered by theses persons representing their particular communities: Kathy Black – persons with disabilities Martin Brokenieg – Native Americans Teresa Fry Brown – African Americans Eleazar Fernandez – Filipino Americans Justo Gonzalez – Hispanics Eunjoo Mary Kim – Korean Americans Stacy Offner – Jews Christine Marie Smith – lesbians and gays This volume offers a rare vision of what transforms preaching might sound and look like, and urges that all preaching – whatever community it comes from, whatever community it hopes to reach – be grounded in the sacred acts of listening and knowing.


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