Sermon Outlines for Special Days and Occasions: Volume 1

Author: Charles R. Wood

Church leaders will appreciate these comprehensive, pulpit-tested sermon outlines prepared by veteran pastor Charles Wood.  Each sermon is expository, offering a fully developed outline based on the Scripture text.  These outlines are designed to help save time without cutting corners.

Each book in the series contains more than thirty sermon outlines, each focusing on a single theme.  whether you are a pastor or Bible student, these outlines will provide sermons or lessons that develop a deeper understanding of the truths of God’s word.

The Wood sermon outline Series includes the following topics

      • doctrinal themes
      • the Easter season
      • expository preaching
      • funeral services
      • gospel passages
      • the names of God
      • the Psalms
      • the Sermon on the Mount
      • special occasions
      • spiritual renewal
      • women of the Bible
      • youth issues


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1 in stock