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Soul in Society: The Making and Renewal of Social Christianity

Author: Gary Dorrien

Gary Dorrien’s major work addresses the roots of and remedy to the current crisis in American Christian social ethics.

Focusing on the story of American liberal Protestantism, the book examines in fascinating depth the three major movements in this century – the Social Gospel, Christian Realism, and Liberation Theology – in a way that also brings African American, feminist, environmentalist, Catholic, and other voices into the increasingly multicultural quest.

Dorrien then carefully assesses the crisis of social Christian thought in a culture that is increasingly secular, materialistic, and dominated by capitalism. He shows how the progressive Christian vision of social and economic democracy can be redeemed in the face of its apparent defeat. He argues strongly for a social Christianity faithful to the spiritual reality and kingdom-oriented ethic of the way of Christ.

Dorrien’s engaging narrative, knowledgeable and fair analysis, and thoughtful proposal bring desperately needed clarity and commitment to the Christian social conscience.


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