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The Cloud’s Veil: The Song of the Celtic Soul

By Liam Lawton

As Celtic music comes to more and more prominence, the name Liam Lawton is becoming very well known in liturgical music circles, and for good reason. Rev. Lawton is known for beautiful melodies and texts that are strikingly simple to learn. In short, his newest collection, The Clouds’ Veil, is ideal music for congregational participation. His work gives life to the great and beautiful history of his homeland, Ireland, using the ancient prayers and traditions as the main source of inspiration for his melodies and texts. The Clouds’ Veil embodies a great sense of joy with melodic tunes suitable for all congregations, mixing both contemporary and traditional instruments. The already top-selling title song touches on the presence of God and our complete trust in the Almighty One. Mass of the Celtic Saints was written as “a dance of joy to the God of life,” and beautifully achieves its purpose. This is a collection and recording not to miss!


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