The Fourth Wiseman

Author: David C. Cook

In this richly illustrated Christmas story, four wise astronomers travel in search of the newborn king. Three of them choose splendid gifts gold, frankincense, and myrrh. But what can the fourth wise man bring? The problem is solved quite by accident when the fourth wise man’s special gift is “a little bit of heaven itself.” The young astronomer captures the special star’s nighttime reflection in a jar of water and offers the glittering gift to the “king of heaven.”

Features and Benefits
• A heart-warming retelling of an ancient French legend shows that there is more to Christmas than anything money can buy.
• A Christmas story with a twist: four Wise men venture out to find the Christ-child instead of the traditional three.
• Brilliant, jewel-tone art with lots of detail for children to explore makes this book a perfect gift for the holiday season.


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1 in stock