The Puzzle of the Gospels

Author: Peter Vardy, Mary Mills

In an age of uncertainty, disillusionment and political scepticism, people still turn to the Gospel for enduring answers; but are the Gospels true? How are they to understood? Was Jesus a revolutionary, possible to arrive at any certainty about the historical Jesus or were many of the deeds and words in the Gospels due to the reflections of the evangelists?

In The Puzzle of the Gospels, a Biblical scholar and a philosopher come together to explain the latest developments in Biblical scholarship and their significance. Alternatives are examined clearly and without bias and the sophistication of the Gospels stories is explained, together with many of the references which would have been understood by first-century readers but which the modern reader may miss.

A companion to the other volumes in the bestselling ‘Puzzle’ series, this book tackles issues at the heart of the Christian faith by taking seriously the Gospel texts themselves. The style is clear and easy to read and whenever technical terms are used they are explained.


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