The word Today: Year B Volume 2

Author: Herbert O’Driscoll

Reflections on the Readings of the Revised Common Lectionary

Continually fresh and varied, these reflections on the three readings and psalm of each Sunday of the Christian year take us deeply into scripture and, at the same time, deeply into our own life and time.  They are perfect for homily preparation, group Bible study, or personal meditation.

Entirely new these reflections expand on the pattern of O’Driscoll’s  previous series, Child of Peace, Lord of Life.  Reflections for each Sunday include (1) a “weaving” of a connecting theme in the readings of the day, (2) a brief summary of each reading, including the psalm, and (3) reflections on significant phrases in each reading, again including the psalm.

Each of the three years of the three years of the Revised Common Lectionary is treated in three volumes (nine in all) – the first includes Advent through Easter, the second, Lent through Easter, and the third, the season of Pentecost.




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