Total Ministry: Reclaiming the Ministry of all God’s People

Author: Stewart C. Zabriskie

Total Ministry recalls what ministry was/is meant to be: The Holy Spirit living in and working through persons (not self-perpetuating organization, institutions, and systems), ministry that comes alive in personal gifts offered in and as community.  This book is an exciting, thriving, corporate life-changing concept of ministry that has given new life to Episcopal dioceses in Alaska and Nevada, and is being considered by dioceses in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa.

Total Ministry is rooted in a spirituality that relies heavily on listening: first in prayer to God and then to one another.  And the listening leads inevitably to mission because mission is the job description, the covenant responsibility, of the ministering Christian community.  A bold new way to judicatories and local congregations, especially small congregations, to share God’s call and provide resources, support, and encouragement.


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