Touch the Water: 30 Children’s Sermons on Baptism (New Brown Bag)

Authors: Phyllis Vos Wezeman, Anna L. Liechty, Kenneth R. Wezeman

Touch the Water: 30 Children’s Sermons on Baptism contains 30 sermons on Holy Baptism for use by clergy and lay leaders in preaching to children from kindergarten to fifth grade. The sermons are also adaptable for younger children as well as middle school-aged children.

Each sermon follows a consistent format based on five basic components: passage, purpose, preparation, presentation, and prayer. Sermon topics include: Cherished by God: Abraham’s Covenant; Covered by Grace: Water’s Message; Empowered for Ministry: Jesus’ Baptism; Gifted for Life: Baptism’s Remembrance; Saved by Grace: Moses’ Deliverance; Symbolized by Water: Church’s Sacrament; United by Love: God’s Children.

The book also includes cross-references to valuable teaching tools — hymn stories, Scripture, and theological themes — that make this a user-friendly resource that will appeal to a multi-age audience.


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