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Worship Any Time or Place

The compact book of Methodist Liturgies, prayers and other acts of blessing.

Worship Any Time or Place equips pastors and others to create meaningful moments and entire services of worship in a wide variety of settings and circumstances.  It includes liturgies and  prayers suitable for traditional worship services, baptism and holy communion, hospital visits, retreats, leadership team meetings, mission team send-offs, and other church centric settings.

It also provides litanies, liturgies, and language for a remarkable variety of outside the church circumstances, where pastors and laypeople so often find themselves searching for the right words.  This includes home blessings, prayers for new parents, a blessing for an adoption, a prayer to use after an autism diagnosis, and a prayer before difficult conversations.

This book uses current language, diverse authors and resources, imaginative liturgies and prayers, and an expanded scope to use to empower laypeople and pastors as they lead and serve in their communities any time and any place.


4 in stock

4 in stock