Welcome to Regional Council 15

The United Church of Canada

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Inspired by God, we are Christ’s people in Bermuda and NS,
loving each other,
following Jesus,
empowered by the Holy Spirit.


To become a transformed, courageous, Spirit-filled community,
risking discipleship based on the radical love of Jesus.

Core Values

Connecting and strengthening communities of faith by:

  • Living into expansive belonging
  • Growing compassionate leadership
  • Nurturing creative ways of Christian vitality
  • Uniting by effective communication
  • Sharing and living the Good News
  • Modelling Christ’s humility and justice
  • Moving forward in hope and generosity

Recent Posts

1 Methodist Church, Stove & Lamps

1 Methodist Church, Stove & Lamps

At the risk of sounding a little (or a lot) dorky, I get so excited when I come across old property inventories for manses. Just thinking about all that now antique furniture puts stars in my eyes and it's interesting catching a little glimpse of everyday life from so...

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Weekly Announcements – October 28, 2020

NEWS AND UPDATES FROM FUNDY ST. LAWRENCE DAWNING WATERS (FSLDW) AND REGIONAL COUNCIL 15 (RC15) ________________ Please send announcements to trose@united-church.ca www.ucceast.ca  Staff Directory Emergency Response Memo's Regional Council 15 (RC15)        Emergency...

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