Welcome to Regional Council 15

The United Church of Canada

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Inspired by God, we are Christ’s people in Bermuda and NS,
loving each other,
following Jesus,
empowered by the Holy Spirit.


To become a transformed, courageous, Spirit-filled community,
risking discipleship based on the radical love of Jesus.

Core Values

Connecting and strengthening communities of faith by:

  • Living into expansive belonging
  • Growing compassionate leadership
  • Nurturing creative ways of Christian vitality
  • Uniting by effective communication
  • Sharing and living the Good News
  • Modelling Christ’s humility and justice
  • Moving forward in hope and generosity

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Recent Posts

Worship 101 for Occasional Lay Worship Leaders (2023)

If you’ve ever been asked to offer partial leadership in worship--or take on an entire worship service—you may have experienced the sinking feeling of not knowing where to begin, or that you just can’t see yourself ‘up front’ in that leading role.   Do we have a set...

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Regional Council 15 Weekly Announcements – October 26, 2022

Regional Council 15 Weekly Announcements – October 26, 2022

NEWS AND UPDATES FROM REGIONAL COUNCIL 15 (RC15) Submission Request for Weekly Announcements www.ucceast.ca  Staff Directory       It's Your Call - Podcast News from the Pews Newsletter To view upcoming programs at the Tatamagouche Centre please click here. To view...

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RC15 Advent Planning

Advent is just around the corner. Are you leading worship during Advent? Are you ready? If you are still wondering what to do during this Advent season, the Region 15 Faith Formation and Leadership Development Committee would like to offer you an opportunity to get...

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Living Faith Stories Workshop

Greetings from the members of Faith Story and Community Covenant Committee of Region 15!  And blessings be with you in the ministry and service you provide in Communities of Faith (CoF) across this region!  We are coming to Baddeck on the 26th of November, from 10 am...

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