Welcome to Regional Council 15

The United Church of Canada

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Inspired by God, we are Christ’s people in Bermuda and NS,
loving each other,
following Jesus,
empowered by the Holy Spirit.


To become a transformed, courageous, Spirit-filled community,
risking discipleship based on the radical love of Jesus.

Core Values

Connecting and strengthening communities of faith by:

  • Living into expansive belonging
  • Growing compassionate leadership
  • Nurturing creative ways of Christian vitality
  • Uniting by effective communication
  • Sharing and living the Good News
  • Modelling Christ’s humility and justice
  • Moving forward in hope and generosity

Recent Posts

Supervised Ministry Education Site Fund Application

Guidelines: A Community of Faith must be approved by the Regional Council as an approved learning site. The site must provide a budget for the training period with clear identification of the portion of expenses provided by the Community of Faith and the amount...

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Ministry Personnel/Lay Continuing Education Fund Application

Ministry Personnel/Lay Continuing Education Fund Application

Guidelines: The fund is open to all ministry personnel/lay members within Regional Council 15 during the current church year, once in a two-year period. Programs must be United Church sponsored or endorsed. The types of programs eligible for funding are those that...

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New Ministries Initiatives Fund Application

Guidelines: Grants from this fund could be used for any of the following, but not limited to: To hire a consultant to work with a community of faith to create a vision and help navigate a path to the future. To help with training or seed money for a new focus in...

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Facility Innovation Fund Application

Guidelines: To implement facility improvements that result in reductions in the cost of operations, improved access to the facility, establishing connections and outreach to the greater community, implementing new programs, and any other innovations arising from space...

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Mission and Social Justice Fund Application

Guidelines: To support needy (financially struggling) communities of faith missions in Nova Scotia. Missions will not receive aid from these funds after having been established ten (10) years. The community of faith will have to provide a financial and missional plan...

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