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Division of Communities of Faith Support and Nurture

Mandate: To provide leadership to and coordinate the activities of the Communities of Faith Story Community Covenant, Future Directions, Association of Ministers and Retirees Support Committees.


– Chair
– Secretary
– Chair of Faith Story Community Covenant
– Chair of Future Directions Committee
– Chair of Association of Ministers Committee
– Chair of Retirees Support Committee
– Regional Minister – Staff Support


– coordinate interactions among the Committees of the Division
– promote regionally accountable ministries by supporting and enabling healthy and vital ministries and helping ministry personnel and Communities of Faith to find new avenues of ministry
– recruit and appoint designated task groups to deal with specific situations that are identified in the work of the permanent Committees and that are beyond the capacity of those Committees
– develop opportunities for clusters and/or networks necessary for the functioning of the Committee/Division


– commitment to the future of The United Church of Canada and its ministries
– an understanding of the operations of and challenges facing Communities of Faith and Regionally accountable ministries


Accountability/Reporting: To the Regional Council and Regional Executive on a regular basis. (As often as needed or required.)


Powers:  Must refer decisions to the Regional Council Executive except the following:
– any matters covered within approved budgets
– any matter referred by a Division Committee


Association of Ministers Committee

Community of Faith Covenant Committee

Future Directions Committee

Retiree Support Committee