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Division of Finance and Administration



To provide leadership and guidance within the bounds of Region 15 and its Communities of Faith in its mission, finance and administration.



  • Chair 
  • Secretary (at the discretion of the Chair) 
  • Chair, Financial Accountability and Investment Committee 
  • Co-Chair, Financial Accountability and Investment Committee 
  • Chair, Property Committee 
  • Chair, Incorporated Ministries Committee 
  • Chair Archives, Records and History Committee 
  • Executive Minister – Staff Support 


  • ensure consultation between the Committees of the Division 
  • make recommendations to the Regional Executive on all financial and administrative issues 
  • prepare and recommend budgets 
  • report Mission Support Grant approvals to Executive 
  • administer trust funds of the Region according to the terms specified in the bequests and gifts 
  • recommend to Regional Executive policy changes and suggestions dealing with financial matters 
  • keep an accurate record of the Region’s financial position 
  • arrange an annual audit 
  • make recommendations on additional regional assessments to carry out additional work 
  • create working groups where needed for the functioning of the committee/Division 


The following skills are desired for members of the Division of Finance and Administration: 

  • working knowledge of financial matters 
  • a sense of the mission of the Church and how Finance can facilitate that mission 

Accountability/Reporting: Reporting to the Regional Council and Regional Executive on a regular basis. (As often as needed or required.) 

Powers:  Must refer decisions to the Regional Executive except the following: 

  • any expenditure within the approved budget 
  • Trust Fund administration within specified terms 
  • Auditors 
  • Community of Faith requests for Grants and Loans within established parameters 


Archives, Records, and History Committee

Financial Accountability and Investment

Incorporated Ministries Committee

Property Committee

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