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Division of Regional Services and Support



To provide oversight, leadership and guidance to Communities of Faith within the Region.



  • Chair
  • Secretary (at the discretion of the Chair)
  • Chair – Communications Committee
  • Chair – Faith Formation and Leadership Development Committee
  • Chair – Justice, Mission and Outreach Committee
  • Chair – Stewardship Committee
  • Chair –Children, Youth and Young Adults Committee
  • Chair – Regional Council Annual Meeting Planning Committee
  • Executive Minister – Staff Support



  • ensure that all Committees under its Division are fulfilling their mandates
  • confirm that the Committee handbooks and resources are up to date
  • make sure that the Committees are providing appropriate training to the designated Individuals needed to fulfill each Committee mandate
  • ensure consultation between Divisional Committees and with other Divisions as necessary and appropriate
  • provide information and advice for Regional Executive and to make recommendations on all issues coming within the ambit of the Division of Regional Services and Support
  • create working groups where needed for the functioning of the Committee/Division


  • a passion and a commitment for the work of the United Church of Canada
  • good listening skills
  • leadership skills
  • organizational skills
  • understand of the United Church of Canada policies and procedures


Accountability/Reporting: Reporting to the Regional Council and Regional Executive on a regular basis. (As often as needed or required.)


Powers:  Must refer decisions to the Regional Council or its Executive except the following:

  • items referred for decision unless Regional Council or Executive decision is specified



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