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Financial Accountability and Consultation Committee

Mandate: To provide leadership and guidance to the Division of Finance and Administration regarding issues pertaining to the finances of Communities of Faith, including requests for grants and loans.


– Chair
– Secretary
– 5 Designated Individuals
– Executive Minister – Staff Support


– review Community of Faith financial reports when a consult is requested
– recommend on all Community of Faith requests for grants and loans
– assist the Division of Finance and Administration in drafting the annual Regional budget
– recommend on the efficient administration of the Regional finances
– recommend on financial disbursements, including Mission Support Grants within the Region in discussion with Justice, Mission and Outreach (who will receive and review applications)
– work with General Council on any shared services agreements
– work with Divisions, Committees, clusters and networks on the preparation of tax receipts
– develop opportunities for clusters and/or networks necessary for the functioning of the Committee/Division


– experience in managing financial matters
– consultative and pastoral skills
– ability to produce financial reports


Accountability/Reporting: Through the Division of Finance and Administration to the Regional Council and Regional Executive on a regular basis. (As often as needed or required.)


Powers:  Must refer decisions to the Division of Finance and Administration except the following:
– recommendations regarding Community of Faith financial statements
– disapproving grants and loans that do not fit established criteria