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Regional Executive


To provide leadership, oversight and guidance to Regional Council for the continuing work of the Region between meetings of Regional Council. The Executive must consist, to the extent possible, of a balance of ministry personnel and lay members who are not ministry personnel.



  • President (Chair)
  • President-Elect
  • Past President
  • Division Chairs (Division of Finance & Administration, Division of Regional Services and Support, and Division of Ministry Resources)
  • Nominations Chair
  • UCW Representative
  • Representative from Tri Region Staff Support Committee
  • Up to three (3) persons added by the Nominating Committee to provide suitable balance or expertise.
  • Executive Minister (Executive Assistant to the Executive Minister for minutes and secretarial duties).


Five (5) members



  • provide for the work of the Region as detailed in the United Church Manual
  • meet quarterly, in addition to special meetings as required
  • receive reports from Divisions (and Committees as appropriate)
  • act on recommendations brought forward to it by Divisions
  • recommend to Regional Council, through its annual meeting matters for decision by Regional Council
  • ensure communication of decisions made to the wider church in Region 15
  • consult with General Council Office as required
  • the Regional Council is responsible for appointing an Executive to do the continuing work of the Regional Council between regular meetings
  • report its actions to the Regional Council for information and for inclusion in the minutes of the Regional Council
  • participate in determining priorities for mission and ministry work through Mission and Service
  • form appeals committees as needed



  • experience in governance in The United Church of Canada
  • decision making skills
  • communication skills 
  • Racial Justice Training 


Reporting to the Regional Council on a regular basis. (As often as needed or required.)  

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