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Regional Executive

Mandate: To provide leadership, oversight and guidance to Regional Council for the continuing work of the Region between meetings of Regional Council. The Executive must consist, to the extent possible, of a balance of ministry personnel and lay members who are not ministry personnel.


– President (Chair)
– President-Elect
– Past President
– 4 Division Chairs (Division of Finance & Administration, Division of Regional Services and Support, Division of Community of Faith Support and Nurture, and Division of Ministry Resources)
– UCW Representative
– Treasurer
– Representative from Tri Region Staff Support Committee
– Up to three (3) persons added by the Nominating Committee to provide suitable balance or expertise.
– Executive Minister
– Executive Assistant to the Executive for minutes and secretarial duties.


Quorum: 5 members


– provide for the work of the Region as detailed in the United Church Manual
– meet quarterly, in addition to special meetings as required
– receive reports from Divisions (and Committees as appropriate)
– act on recommendations brought forward to it by Divisions
– recommend to Regional Council, through its annual meeting matters for decision by Regional Council
– ensure communication of decisions made to the wider church in Region 15
– consult with General Council Office as required
– the Regional Council is responsible for appointing an Executive to do the continuing work of the Regional Council between regular meetings
– report its actions to the Regional Council for information and for inclusion in the minutes of the Regional Council
– participate in determining priorities for mission and ministry work through Mission and Service
– form appeals Committees as needed


– experience in governance in The United Church of Canada
– decision making skills
– communication skills


Accountability/Reporting: Reporting to the Regional Council on a regular basis. (As often as needed or required.)