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Tri-Region Staff Support Committee

Mandate: The participating Atlantic Regions will jointly form a Regional Staff Support Team with two elected representatives from each of the three Regions. The assigned individuals will be a supportive committee, similar to a Community of Faith’s ministry and personnel committee for all Regional staff personnel. Guidelines for this committee are found in a Memo of Understanding (MOU) document approved by the 3 Atlantic Regions.


– 2 Designated Individuals from Region 15
  (One of the two individuals designated as the Chair, to be a reporting member to/of the Regional Council Executive)
– Liaison persons if chosen by each staff member (as per MOU)
– Executive Minister – Staff Support (Will also report to Regional Executive periodically on the work of the Staff Support Team.)


– monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of this model, including how the cost-sharing arrangement is working
– share experiences and insights about transitional work, including the possibility of any other shared projects
– help identify improvements in this arrangement from time to time
– provide support for all staff employed by the Regions
– work with the Executive Minister in regards to working conditions and duties
– maintain current Memoranda of Understanding between  the Regions
– report to the Regional Executive through the Chair regarding any issue or concern identified for action.


– awareness of the range of duties and inter-relation of staff functions
– broad awareness of the ministry of the Region(s)
– listening and empathy


Accountability Reporting: Through the Regional Council and Regional Executive on a regular basis. (As often as needed or required.) This is identified as a separate Region 15 Committee within the reporting action and accountability structure. The individuals on this committee will be working mainly in a joint Atlantic regional team arrangement following the MOU agreement and human resource policies of the United Church of Canada.


Powers:  Must refer decisions to the Regional Executive except the following:
– any matters covered within approved budgets