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Rawdon Pastoral Charge

Pastoral Charge: Rawdon  Position: Ministry Personnel (Ordained) Part Time: 20 hours Start: July 1, 2019 Open to be a learning site for those in preparation for Ministry in The United Church of Canada. Contact: Valerie Kingsbury Email:

Orchard Valley Pastoral Charge

Pastoral Charge: Orchard Valley Position: Ministry Personnel Part Time: 20 hrs/week Start: July 1, 2019   Contact: Anne Hoganson Email: Orchard Valley Search Committee 2018 Orchard Valley PC JNAC Report    


Pastoral Charge: Hopewell / Eureka / East River Position: Ministry Personnel Part Time: 20 hrs/week Start: January 1, 2019 Contact: Rev. Dr. Mary Taylor, PO Box 518, Westville, NS B0K 1A0 902-396-1499 H; 902-396-4054 O; Hopewell-Eureka East River...


Pastoral Charge: North Highlands Presbytery: Sydney Position: Ministry Personnel Full Time: 40 hrs/week Start: October 1, 2018 Contact: Rev. Duncan Roach, 417 Smith St., New Waterford, NS B1H 3R3 902-862-2436; 902-862-7436 North Highlands Needs Assessment -...


Pastoral Charge: Glace Bay - Newsom United Church Presbytery: Sydney Position: Minister of Word, Worship and Pastoral Care Full Time 40 hrs/week Start: July 1, 2018 Note: Seeking a two year appointment for full-time ordained minister. Contact: Andrea Batten, 357...