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Children, Youth and Young Adult Committee



Encourage children, youth and young adults to become more involved in their Communities of Faith and their church as a whole. Support and encourage youth, young adults, and their leaders in learning, discerning, and living a Christian faith. Experiencing and celebrating God’s presence, living with respect in creation, loving and serving others, seeking justice and resisting evil, know the foundational narrative of Jesus’ life and works. 



  • Chair 
  • Secretary (at the discretion of the Chair) 
  • Designated Individuals 8 
  • Children, Youth and Young Adults Minister – Staff Support 
  • Youth Forum Representative 
  • Intermediates at Regional Council Representative 
  • Outdoor Recreational Ministry Representative 
  • Division Chair (Ex-Officio) 



  • develop programming for the nurture of Youth and Young Adults to keep their spiritual gifts and ministries before the wider church 
  • promote engagement of youth and young adults in justice seeking ministries, events, locally, in the wider church and inter-faith circles 
  • encourage and organize opportunities for youth and young adults to participate in national programs 
  • develop Regional and multi-Region programs for youth & young adults 
  • ensure appropriate communications are taking place between Program Planning Committees and the Region Annual Meeting Planning Committee 
  • support campus ministries 
  • plan retreats, training, and other events as needed or desire emerges 
  • create working groups where needed for the functioning of the Committee/Division 
  • assist Outdoor Recreational Ministries (provide support and training to all camps and their boards by way of encouragement, financial assistance, and program resources.) 


Skills / Experience: 

  • desire for the work of the Children, Youth and Young Adults Committee 
  • passion for faith formation 
  • ability to engage children, youth and young adults where they are and offer guidance and encouragement 
  • possession of facilitation, communication, organizational and group dynamic skills 


Accountability/Reporting: Through the Division of Regional Services and Support to the Regional Council and Regional Executive on a regular basis. (As often as needed or required.) This is identified as a separate Committee within the reporting action and accountability structure. At the same time, all Committees are strongly encouraged to work with similar Committees in other Regions on matters of mutual interest as appropriate. 


Powers:  Must refer decisions to the Division of Regional Services and Support except the following: 

  • any matters covered within approved budgets