Residence changes at Mount Allison

Mount Allison University (MTA) has begun renovations to Windsor Hall residence, which will require some shifts for those planning to stay in residence during the Regional Annual Meeting. The good news is that this will mean more single rooms with ensuite washrooms. The bad news is that some of these rooms are on the other side of campus. Click here to read a letter outlining changes from MTA.


You are responsible to book your own accommodations.


Once you have completed your online registration for the Regional Annual Meeting, you will be provided with information about accommodations in Sackville, including Mount Allison University. If you choose to click the Mount Allison link, you will have the opportunity to see which Residences are available, and the type of accommodations. You will be able to choose the Residence in the location you desire, with the type of room you desire. As Residences fill up, they will be automatically removed from the list and will no longer be visible.


The short message here is, if you have specific residence requirements and want to be sure that you have maximum choice, please register as soon as possible.