Bermuda Synod

Of the fourteen Presbyteries in Maritime Conference, Bermuda is geographically most distantly separated from the rest of the Conference. One has to quickly add that its warm climate makes it much yearned for when the rest of the Conference is shivering in the cold of winter.

John Wesley, in 1738, felt his heart “strangely warmed”, and the seeds were sown for the beginnings of the Methodist Church. Ten years later his friend and colleague, George Whitefield, visited Bermuda and planted the seeds of what would later become The Wesleyan Methodist Church some fifty years later.

The Presbyterian church was also a part of Bermudan church life from early days.

Joshua Marsden, the Bermuda Circuit’s second Methodist minister, wrote about Bermuda in his book The Narrative of a Mission, a copy of which is in our Conference Archives.

Bermuda Synod of the Methodist Church is composed of 4 Pastoral Charges served by United Church Ministers.


On November 5 and 6, 2011, Bermuda Synod commemorated the ministry of Rev. John Stephenson, the first Methodist missionary to Bermuda. Rev. Stephenson was imprisoned in 1801 for “preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to African Blacks and Captive Negros.” Along with the re-dedication of a commemorative plaque, the Synod of the Wesleyan Church of Bermuda offered an apology for the practices of racial segregation that continued in the years following the minstry of Rev. Stephenson.

Here is a copy of the Bermuda Synod Apology offered on behalf of the Synod by chairperson David Atwood.

Here also is the text of a Stephenson play offered by Rev. Graeme Carruth.

Here are some pictures from that weekend.