Chignecto Presbytery

Chignecto Presbytery’s beginnings will always be associated with the name of William Black. Dr. Arthur Betts wrote:

“Among the dissenting churches of the Maritimes he alone, to this day, has been given the title Bishop.”

William Black came with his parents to the Amherst area in 1775, and five years later became associated with the Cumberland Methodists.

Congregations within the present day Chignecto Presbytery, as well as many well beyond, point to William Black as the preacher whose work resulted in their establishment. We note that the first two Methodist chapels to be completed in Canada were in this area – Point de Bute and Middle Sackville. Chignecto Presbytery itself has had many changes in name and boundaries.

The present day Chignecto Presbytery covers the area along the New Brunswick – Nova Scotia Border with 30 Pastoral Charges.