Compassion in Action: Being Effective in Emotionally Difficult Conversations.

“We all run into conversations we find awkward or stressful for a variety of reasons… Difficult conversations can occur when any upsetting emotions or sensitive subjects come up, such as grief, loss of dignity, and feelings of injustice.

This video shows viewers how they can transform a difficult conversation into a discovery conversation. The purpose of a discovery conversation is to make new discoveries about the person you are interacting with. It is out of these discoveries that you develop empathy — and compassion. And out of compassion comes the possibility of a healing partnership.”  (From the Leader Guide.)

A Video Workshop from Adventures in Caring Foundation. Comes with Resources, training activities, and handouts for leading a discussion or seminar based on the video, Compassion in Action. 

The video is set in a Health Care setting but the content is appropriate to help learn about being effective in any emotionally difficult conversation. This resources is from the same group that produced the popular, and helpful, resources: Communicating with Compassion. It is also available from AVEL.