A Force More Powerful Documentary Series 

PART 1: In the 1930s, Gandhi leads a campaign of civil disobedience to loosen’s Britain’s hold on power. Nonviolent weapons are taken up by black college students in the ’60s who desegregate Nashville and create a model for the Civil Rights movement. In 1985, Mkhuseli Jack leads a nonviolent consumer boycott in S. Africa which awakens whites to black grievances and weakens business support for apartheid. (1 hour, 17 minutes)

PART 2: In April 1940, German military forces use “resistance disguised as collaboration” – to defy Nazi Occupation and rescue Denmark’s 7,000 thousand Jews. In 1980, striking workers in Poland demand independent unions in defiance of the Community Party. In 1983, Chilean workers initiate a wave of nonviolent protests against — and eventually defeat –the military dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet. (1 hour, 18 minutes)