CHECKLIST for review of Presbytery Minutes by Maritime Conference Archives Unit


Overall appearance and set-up of Minute Book

1.         Set – up of Each Page:  Name of Presbytery at top of each page with date and place of the meeting and name of the group meeting.

2.         Number each page at the top (words or figures) away from the binding edge.

3.        Minutes should be printed (typewriter or computer) and the official copy should be an original printing (not photocopy).

4.         Loose unnumbered pages are not acceptable.  Refer to and include in the consecutive numbering system all attachments, appendices,  reports, correspondence, etc.

5.         The Secretary is to sign or initial each page.

6.         Line any large vacant space and page between the records of meetings, etc.  Lining is to be initialed.  Vacant pages are not numbered.


The beginning of each meeting

7.         State authority under which meeting is held.

8.         State the presence of the quorum.

9.         List names of those attending meetings, and those sending regrets.

The Meeting

10.       Use paragraph headings or marginal notes for subject headings.

11.       Record all motions in full with the full names of movers and seconders.  Record the outcome of each motion.

12.       List all correspondence received and the action taken on each item noted.

13.   Record when committees did not make a report.

14.       Corrections should be written in ink by the secretary and initialed in the margin.  They should also be listed in the minutes of the meeting which is reviewing the minutes of the prior meeting.  Do not simply insert a corrected page from a computer.

 15.       Record all Covenanting Services or other special services of the Presbytery.

16.       Include in the Minutes at least once per year the Roll of Presbytery.

17.       Report telephone and e-mail  polls with dates and information about the numbers of persons polled, the numbers voting, etc.

18.       Record in full all details concerning property matters including a copy of the deed of land when reporting land purchases/sales.


End of Meeting

19.       Record the motion naming the specific power delegated to Executive of Presbytery in the Minutes of each meeting of the Presbytery.

20.       Record the motion for adjournment, the exercises at closing of the meeting, and place and time of next meeting.

21.       Minutes of each meeting are to be signed by the secretary and the presiding officer.