These Guidelines were developed by Holly MacIntosh of West Bay Pastoral Charge and we thank her for permission to publish them here.

1.  There shall be a Communications Committee responsible for improving the communications among church members/adherents, friends and with the wider church community.

2.  Membership on this Committee:

  • There shall be representation from all  points in the Pastoral Charge;
  • One member representing the Committee of Stewards;
  • for the purposes of this policy, the member from the Committee of Stewards can also be included as a member representing one of the points of the Pastoral Charge;
  • the Communications Committee shall not exceed __ members in total with a maximum of  ___from any one point in the Pastoral Charge.

3.  Responsibilities of the Communications Committee shall include the coordination and effective delivery of the following:

  • the development, production and distribution of a quarterly newsletter to be distributed by mail
  • the development, production, copying and folding of weekly worship service bulletins, and bulletins for other occasions such as weddings, funerals, special worship services, etc.

(The above item may be redundant where there is an effective Charge Secretary)

  • updating and the maintenance of the bulletin board postings in each church;
  • development, production and administration of the Pastoral Charge Web Page;
  • advertising of fundraising events in conjunction with the Committee of Stewards, including editing and service delivery of posters, etc;
  • the development of new and innovative approaches that attempt to keep congregants well informed about Pastoral Charge activities;
  • the development and implementation of a standard report template to be used by all committees of the Pastoral Charge and the distribution of the template.

4.      The Communications Committee shall be accountable to the Official Board and shall submit regular  reports to each Official Board meeting.

5.      The Communications Committee shall hold regular meetings on a bi-monthly basis or more frequently as deemed necessary.

6.      For communications issues, the Chairperson of each committee of the Pastoral Charge shall communicate their activities for advertising to the Communications Committee in a timely manner as determined to meet the timelines of the distribution of newsletters, etc.