Suggested Reading List

  1. Praying For The Dawn, Ruth Burgess & Kathy Galloway, Pub. Wild Goose Publications Glasgow, Scotland
  2. Healing From The Heart, Flora Litt, Rochelle Graham, Wayne Irwin, Pub. Wood Lake, Winfield, BC
  3. Healing And Christianity, Morton Kelsey Pub. Augsburg Fortress, Minneapolis
  4. The Uncommon Touch, Tom Harpur Pub. McClelland & Stewart, Inc.
  5. Jesus, A Revolutionary Biography, Marcus Borg Pub. Harper Collins New York
  6. Quantum Theology, Diarmuid O’Murchu Pub. The Crossroad Publishing Co., New York
  7. The Healing Light, Agnes Sanford Pub. Ballantine Books, New York
  8. The Healing Oasis, Guided Meditations For Body, Mind And Spirit, Sharon Moon Pub. United Church Publishing House
  9. The Healing Power Of The Bible, Agnes Sanford Pub. J.B. Lippincott Co., New York
  10. Prayer Is Good Medicine, Larry Dossey Pub. Harper Collins
  11. The Healing Path Of Prayer, Ron Roth Ph.D. with Peter Occhiogrosso Pub. Three Rivers Press, New York
  12. Growing A Healing Ministry – A Resource For Congregations & Communities, Kathy Edmison, D.Min.
  13. Love, Medicine & Miracles, Bernie Siegel
  14. Praying The Labyrinth (A Journal For Spiritual Exploration), Jill Kimberley Hartwell Geoffrion
  15. Celebrate God’s Presence: A Book of Services, United Church of Canada. See Section on Healing
  16. Imprints Fall 2005 Healing Theme (pages 3 and 4)

AVEL Videos

  1. Healing Spirit: A Journey Within, To A Place Where Spirit And Matter Touch (NFB)
  2. The Healing River (Mennonite Media Production)
  3. Healing at Lac St. Anne
  4. Health and Wellness (Spirit Connection May 2005)