Updated on January 11, 2012

This Committee covers a wide range, including the work of assisting Candidates for ministry as they move through the various courts of the church towards Ministry. Each sub-committee meets separately and the Chairpersons bring recommendations or reports to the M P & E Committee meeting which usually takes place in February, September and at the time of Conference.

The work of this Committee touches the lives of ministry personnel and their families and thus calls on us to be sensitive and respectful of the individuals involved. We attempt to do this as we carry out the mandate that is given to us by the church.

Chairperson: Rev. Kevin MacKenzie
Secretary: Rev. Jennifer Brown
Staff: Personnel Minister Rev. Kendall E. Harrison


Committee on Internship & Education Supervision (CIES)

Chairperson: Rev. Sandrabelle MacEwen

Ms. Eunice Daley
Mr. David Eagles
Mr. Morton Linton
Rev. Ian Harrison
Rev. Scott Hillier
Rev. Robert Mercer
Rev. Dr. John Moses
Rev. Joy Noble
Rev. Robert Wallace
Mr. Tom Watson

The Committee on Internship and Educational Supervision is part of the response of the church to the call of God to seek out and equip for ministry those in its midst who are called by the Risen Christ to serve as order of ministry personnel. Because the gifts and skills for such ministry are both given and developed, both academic and practical, the church offers to each student the opportunity for practice of ministry in order to test their aptitude and develop skills in the context of a covenanted learning relationship.

Learning is made possible with the participation of trained educational supervisors and trained Lay Supervision Teams. These individuals serve as companions on the way who offer feedback and insight, which then becomes integrated into the student’s practice of ministry and ministerial identity.

Coordinating Committee on Sexual Abuse (COSA)

Contact: Rev. Kendall Harrison

“The United Church of Canada will not tolerate and will seek to eradicate any behaviour by its members (lay or Order of Ministry), volunteers, adherents, or employees which constitutes sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation or child abuse.

The United Church of Canada is committed to providing a safe environment for worship, work, and study in all pastoral charges, congregations, institutions, agencies, organizations, or other bodies which operate under its name. Complaints related to sexual abuse or child abuse will be taken seriously and dealt with in a spirit of compassion and justice.”

[The Manual 2001 073 (a), (b)]

The Conference Coordinating Committee on Sexual Abuse (COSA) is responsible for informing people throughout the Conference of the official policy of The United Church of Canada on Sexual Abuse (sexual harassment, pastoral sexual misconduct, sexual assault) and Child Abuse.

Our mandate is two-fold:
to raise awareness and educate people within the Conference on issues related to sexual abuse; and
to train consultants who work directly with the policy
Consultants act in a consultative manner with individuals who believe they may be experiencing sexual abuse.

To learn how to contact a consultant or committee member, please see our brochure on Sexual Abuse (a pdf file, 218 KB).

Education & Students (E&S)

Convenor: Vacant

The responsibilities of the Conference Education and Students committee are outlined in The Manual 2004, Section 462. In fulfilling its mandate the Conference Committee works closely with the Education and Students Committees of the Presbyteries.

Twice during the educational process the Conference Committee meets with persons preparing for Ordered or Designated Lay ministry, as well as those seeking admission to the ministry of The United Church of Canada. The first meeting is usually

  • in November of a Candidate’s second year of study;
  • following a Lay Pastoral Minister in Training’s second residential event;
  • 18 months before a person seeking admission would be formally recommended

At this meeting we explore each person’s understanding of her or his ministry and how that has been evolving. The Education & Students Committee makes recommendations at this point for follow-up and further work.

At the second meeting, held in February, the Committee conducts the final interview where a decision concerning recommendation for ministry is made. The names of those recommended

  • for Ordination/Commissioning;
  • for Designation as a Lay Pastoral Minister;
  • or for Admission to the Ministry of The United Church of Canada
  • are then presented to the Annual Meeting of the Maritime Conference for approval.

Interim Ministry

Chairperson: Rev. James Forbes

Ms. Anne Forbes
Rev. Dr. Kenneth R. MacLeod

Purpose of the Committee: To assist applicants seeking designation as an Interim Minister in assessing their vocational suitability for this ministry; and to assist Presbyteries by helping to determine the suitability of those referred to function as Interim Ministers in the United Church.

Interview Board

Convenor: Rev. Valerie Kingsbury

Purpose of Interview Board (from The Manual 2004, section 457):

“To assist Inquirers and others referred to it in assessing their vocational goals and/or suitability for membership in the Order of Ministry; and to assist Presbyteries or other referring bodies in determining the suitability of those referred to it to function as Ministry Personnel in the United Church.”

The Interview Board meets in a residential setting such as Atlantic School of Theology or Tatamagouche Centre to interview persons seeking Candidates for Diaconal, Lay or Ordained ministry. The Board is comprised of persons representing the Church’s diversity who give freely of their time and expertise as we seek to discern suitability and readiness of Candidates for ministry within the Church. There are regular training periods for members of the Board in order to apply the standard of the Church as it makes recommendations.

Ministry Support and Development Committee

Chairperson: Vacant

This committee addresses issues relating to

Pastoral Relations and Pastoral Oversight through consultation with Presbytery Committees;
education related to the work of these Committees; and
promotion of existing resources to assist them in their work


Convenor: Rev. Elizabeth Davies

During our time of prayer at our meetings the Convenor brings before us the names of those persons who are deceased. Every year or so the Convenor works with others to bring together those who will soon retire at a Pre-Retirement Workshop.

Settlement Committee

Chairperson: Rev. Steven Longmoore
Secretary: Sharon Moyse

The Settlement Committee is responsible for seeing that every Pastoral Charge within Maritime Conference has a pastorate without interruption and that every effective member of the Order of Ministry has a pastoral charge.

The Committee receives applications for settlement from Pastoral Charges and Members of the Order of Ministry, and profiles from candidates for ordination/commissioning, and after careful distribution settles Order of Ministry and candidates to Pastoral Charges.

Over the past several years, the number of Pastoral Charges requesting Settlement has sometimes outweighed the number of candidates available for settlement in the Maritimes. This situation is similar to many other Conferences across the Church.

The Settlement Committee consists of one member of Order of Ministry and one member of the Laity nominated by each Presbytery in the Conference. It meets once a year (two weeks before the Annual Meeting of Conference). Other work during conference year is done through polls.