Volume 6 (VWXYZ): Vision; Wonder; X-The Mystery; You; Zeal

  • Vision: This is the art of seeing invisible things. New visions are described by a Native American elder, a photographer, a subway rider, a naturalist, and others.
  • Wonder: Defined as a submerged sunrise and a burst of astonishment, wonder is called forth by everything from frost to manure to the night sky.
  • X-The Mystery: Some things can’t be explained with the rational mind, including guardian angels, dreams, and a feeling of oneness with a fat man at a traffic light.
  • You: to know ourselves is a great challenge. We are more than how we feel, what we do, and where we are and our identity does not end at our own skin.
  • Zeal: This quality, like fire, needs both feeding and watching. We see it in those striving to accomplish a goal and also in those willing to risk everything and just let go.

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