St. Croix Presbytery

In a small south west corner of New Brunswick is St. Croix Presbytery with just seven Pastoral Charges. Upon the rise of the 83rd Annual Meeting of Maritime Conference in 2008, this Presbytery received a name change: it was formerly known as the St. Stephen Presbytery.

The name of Duncan McColl is associated with the St. Stephen area where he laboured for over 25 years. His name is enshrined in the Kirk-McColl congregation of St. Stephen. The marriage of the Kirk and the Methodist church at the time of church union brought together two groups which had, over the years, existed side by side in harmonious relationship.

Duncan McColl corresponded with both Bishop William Black and John Wesley. One would hope that the spelling in his letters was better than that displayed in one of his note books. More important, by far, is the fact that comments on his preaching ability and pastoral concern were always of the highest quality.

St. Croix Presbytery has seven Pastoral Charges.