Strategic Plan

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Mission, Vision, Values 

Inspired by God, we are Christ’s people in Bermuda and NS,
loving each other,
following Jesus,
empowered by the Holy Spirit.
To become a transformed, courageous, Spirit-filled community,
risking discipleship based on the radical love of Jesus.
Core Values
Connecting and strengthening communities of faith by:
– Living into expansive belonging
– Growing compassionate leadership
– Nurturing creative ways of Christian vitality
– Uniting by effective communication
– Sharing and living the Good News
– Modelling Christ’s humility and justice
– Moving forward in hope and generosity


 Region 15
Strategic Plan
Approved May 29, 2021


To support congregations and ministries in deep discipleship, clear mission, and courageous leadership so that they may develop sustainable ministries.

 Pillar 1: Discipleship 

Promote the importance of discipleship as core to the strengthening, vitality and sustainability of Christian community

– Promote a culture of spiritual learning in our communities of faith
– Offer programming that invites members to deepen their connection to God, their local community of faith and mission

Pillar 2: Mission

Objective: Engage communities of faith in defining their part in God’s mission.

– Create or Share educational materials and present seminars that help communities of faith define and live their mission.
– Assess and resource communities of faith’s organizational health based on best practices and help provide the tools for their next steps
– Inventory examples of imaginative cooperative possibilities or renewal.
– Research, review and analyze what viable opportunities may exist for creating mission and spirit filled communities, eg. church planting, alternative ministry focus
– Establish a hospice team equipped with the skillset to accompany dying/grieving communities of faith thru a process of closure.

Pillar 3: Leadership

Objective: Develop curious, faithful, brave leaders

– Offer leadership training for ministry personnel and laity
– Create a template for faith communities’ leadership succession that encourages them to reflect on their future needs and professional and lay skill development
– Explore and research new models of ministries in other jurisdictions and denominations and share with communities of faith.
– Explore and share new models of congregational governance to ensure they are serving communities of faith in achieving their mission
– Create leadership cohorts focused on organizational excellence and leadership development