Here are some hymns for Advent written and shared by the Rev. Catherine MacDonald. They include a song for candle lighting, advent offering hymns, and a Christmas Eve communion hymn.

You are welcome to use these resources in your worship. Please attribute the words to @Catherine MacDonald.

Advent Offering Hymn

We Bring Our Giftsto You, O God

As We Are Waiting

Candle Light, Sacred Light

Come and Gather at the Stable


Here are words written in 2013:

Sacred Stories (Tune-Come and Find the Quiet Centre)

Sacred stories, shared with others,

form a faith that’s strong and true

Sacred places, etched with meaning,

bringing hope and joy anew.

Sacred memories, sacred future,

sacred present, here and now.

Sacred knowing, sacred being,

May sacred living be our vow.


As We Rise Leave This Place (Tune-Once in Royal David’s City)

As we rise to leave this place,

We are held in Love’s embrace.

As we meet both friend and stranger

We await the birth in the manger.

Sacred time and sacred places,

We are held Love’s embraces.


(Catherine MacDonald 2013