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The United Church of Canada has a reputation for its leadership in social justice and for its collaborative approach to mission and outreach at every level – locally, nationally, and globally.  Our approach is reflected in words from A New Creed,  “We are not alone.” “We are called … to live with respect in Creation; to love and serve others; to seek justice and resist evil….”

The work of Justice, Mission, and Outreach in the 3 eastern Regions is carried out by committees, working groups, clusters, and individuals .  A quick way to think about these words is:

  • Mission – what we do to lift people up (including all beings – people, land, and waters).
  • Justice – what we do to change the systems that keep people down (including all beings – people, land, and waters).
  • Outreach – what we do to build and maintain the relationships to help us do justice and mission.

Learn more about the working structure. (pdf)

We acknowledge that the lands on which we live and work here in the north-east are the traditional homelands of numerous indigenous peoples.  We also acknowledge the long and painful history of relations between the Christian church, colonial settlement practices, and harm to these lands and peoples.  We seek to live with respect on the land, and in peace and friendship with its peoples.

Areas of Work

Indigenous Concerns and RElations

Guided by the Peace and Friendship Treaties, the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP), we seek to build relationships and work in solidarity with Indigenous peoples.

Guaranteed Livable Income

Resources for engaging in a guaranteed livable income for all.

Just Peace for Palestine and Israel

Providing leadership in education, advocacy, and action to support efforts for peace and justice for Palestine and Israel.

Racial Justice 

Resources for engaging in anti-racism and anti-oppression, and addressing white privilege.

Access to Justice

Work in this area has raised awareness that inadequate funding for the Legal Aid Commission of NB and legislation that bans free legal help leaves low income individuals vulnerable when dealing with legal matters.

Ecological Justice

Taking a lead in education, advocacy and policy development related to ecological justice with an emphasis on climate justice and extractive resources.

Refugee and Immigration Matters

Our Atlantic Regional Coordinator volunteer provides a hub for exchanging information and support to groups sponsoring refugees.

Mental Health

Seeking to reduce stigma and grow in ways of supporting mental health needs in communities of faith.

Outreach and Local Engagement

Supporting the passion and creativity found in communities of faith, clusters, and individuals engaged in their local areas.

Global Connections

Expanding our understanding of “love for neighbour” beyond borders.

Making Hope Visible

A bi-weekly podcast about justice, faith, and action in the Atlantic Regions.


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The work of Justice, Mission, and Outreach in the Atlantic Regions is supported by the generous gifts to the Mission and Service of the United Church of Canada.

Staff support for the work of Justice, Mission, and Outreach:

Rev. Sherpherd Munikwa, Minister for Justice and Mission 

1-800-268-3781 ext. 2069

Administrative SupportLeona Laundry (llaundry@united-church.ca) ext.6141 

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