The Maritime Conference Gospel, Ecumenism, and Theology Committee’s web page was created on May 5, 2007. Its purpose is to be a vehicle by which activities and events of the ecumenical community within the boundaries of Maritime Conference may be highlighted and celebrated.

Rev. Robert Mills, President of the Atlantic Ecumenical Council, observes that:

“Over the years, ecumenism has been focused more and more on local communities, where Churches of different denominations cooperate in a variety of ventures. It seems that social action and meeting the social needs of our communities get a willing response and prompt cooperative efforts among local congregations and parishes. Churches working together are always to be found in protest marches and collective approaches to government. They are also the backbone of ministering to the poor and needy, the disenfranchised and discriminated against. In such situations ecumenism comes alive and makes possible more effective action.”

The United Church of Canada has been part of the thrust of ecumenism since its birth in 1925.

Guidelines for Funerals of MilitaryPersonnel

In preparation for the 86th Maritime Conference Annual Meeting in 2011, the Gospel, Ecumenism and Theology Committee wishes to make available a resource that can be downloaded from the United Church web site entitled “Alive and Kicking”, © The United Church of Canada.