At the time of Church Union in 1925 when the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches became the United Church of Canada there were existing groups of women in all of these congregations whose primary purpose was to support and promote missions. They came together to form the Women’s Missionary Society or WMS.

A year later at the second General Council a constitution was approved for a Woman’s Association, the WA. This brought together the Ladies Aids organizations who worked to raise money to support congregational and community needs

It was at the 19th General Council in 1960 that approval was given to amalgamate the two organizations into the United Church Women, and UCW was officially proclaimed in 1962.

The Maritime Conference United Church Women held its inaugural meeting in Trinity-St.Stephen United Church in Amherst, NS on March 14, 1962 and its first President was Lily Mooers of Fredericton, NB.

Those early years required much study and understanding to bring the two streams of service into one, and it was not always smooth sailing, but UCW has become a valued organization in the United Church of Canada, most probably due to the persistence, patience and vision of those women in 1962, and the dedicated efforts of women since that time.

Past Presidents are:

Lily Mooers 1962-1964

Hilda Vail 1964-1966

Ida Moyse 1966-1968

Jean Bone 1968-1970

Jean Howatt 1970-1972

Martha Walker 1972-1974

Verna Gass 1974-1976

Barbara Stewart 1976-1978

Madeline McGowan 1978-1980

Dorothy MacNeill 1980-1982

Irene Godfrey 1982-1984

Melcora Brown 1984-1986

Ruth Boothroyd 1986-1988

Emma Miller 1988-1990

Gwendoline MacRae 1990-1992

Paula Harding 1992-1994

Norma Ellis 1994-1996

Barbara Rafuse 1996-1998

Dorothy Stewart 1998-2000

Ruth Gamble 2000-2002

Reta Manuel 2002-2004

Mary MacRae Belliveau 2004

Elizabeth Ramsay 2004-2006

Ruth Rudderham 2006-2008

Information obtained from “Sailing Through Uncharted Seas”
written by Marti Walker and used with her permission.