MOSAIC: When God Uses All The Pieces: A Lenten Study For Adults

Author: Shane Stanford

In this Lenten study, popular author Shane Standford examines how the God of the universe uses broken pieces of our lives to reframe our purpose, turning our discarded hopes and dreams into something beautiful and useful – a mosaic in which God uses all of the pieces. The author says, “This journey will take us along the same path Jesus walked in the days before and the days along his own journey to Jerusalem. We will see the similarities to our own stories and the lessons we should pick up, like pebbles along the path.”

This seven-session study, appropriate for both group and individual use, provides one lesson for each week in Lent. Each lesson includes a key Scripture reference, a brief reading, questions for reflection or discussion, a brief prayer, and guided helps for daily Scripture reading and additional reflection in the coming week.



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2 in stock