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Prayer Coach: For all who want to get off the Bench and onto the praying Field

Author: James L. Nicodem

What could be easier than prayer? It can be done anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. It doesn’t require special clothes or expensive equipment. In fact, it’s absolutely free. So why don’t more Christians have rich, full, deep prayer lives? In Prayer Coach, pastor James
Nicodem tackles this spiritual discipline, as he uses Scripture, practical applications, and
personal experience to help people overcome their prayerlessness. The popular pastor has never been a professional coach—he has only officially coached his daughter’s soccer team
—but he is eminently qualified for the position of prayer coach. Prayer Coach also features a
foreword by one of the winningest coaches in college football, Bobby Bowden of Florida State University.

In a society filled with life coaches, financial coaches, and even wardrobe coaches, Nicodem’s Prayer Coach fills the obvious but often overlooked role of training Christians to
engage their Father via prayer. Using a simple, nuts-and-bolts approach, Nicodem—like all good coaches—begins with fundamentals, showing the rookie the ropes. Insight from Nicodem’s own experiences will give readers relevant helps and useful hints as they begin to
establish, or reestablish, one of the most vital disciplines of the Christian life. After
internalizing Prayer Coach, readers will be ready to take the field of life equipped with a healthy, scriptural understanding of what prayer is and how important it is to converse with God. Time and time again Christians decide that they ought to pray, pray more, or pray more consistently. Often, though, the plans remain just plans. Prayer Coach will equip readers to make their hopes leap from the play book into the daily grind.

Perfect for individuals, small groups, or church studies, Prayer Coach concludes each chapter with questions to think about and/or discuss. Whether you have been praying for
years, planning to do it eventually, or avoiding the topic altogether, Prayer Coach will help
you revitalize and reactivate your prayer life, while guiding and encouraging you to the overall goal: a growing, vibrant prayer life with Christ.


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