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Preparing My Heart for Easter

Author: Ann Marie Stewart

Celebrating the birth of Christ involves many meaningful traditions, but what about the holy day of Easter? By taking time to examine the footsteps of Jesus, focus on His teaching, and watch His words in action, Preparing My Heart for Easter is a celebration of Christ’s amazing love in the form of an eight-week Bible Study for women. Each week of the study consists of five daily studies and two weekend devotionals.

Although the Easter story is filled with men, both named and unnamed women played import roles. Preparing My Heart for Easter focuses on these women who followed Jesus during His life and death. Women like Mary Magdalene, Mary Mother of Jesus, and Mary and Martha (the sisters of Lazarus), as well as the woman at the will and others. By focusing on the life and death of Jesus and the lives of the women who were eyewitnesses of his miraculous ministry on earth, readers will learn how Jesus changed the future for all women.

Each weekend of the study offers you a chance to read about Easter hymns that will enrich your Sunday praise. You’ll also learn the significance of Palm Sunday, The Lord’s Supper. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost. Dedicate this Lenten season to prepare your heart for Easter, and watch Jesus transform your life through His gentle touch.


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