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The Attack of the Moo Moo Chickens

Author: Chris Graham

The Attack of the Moo Moo Chickens is a brilliantly written book that will turn your funny bone and twist your imagination. It will inject you with the desire to do good, help others, and stomp out bullying forever.

Eric and the Green Gorilla travel through the Forest of Enzar on a quest to retrieve a stolen belly button. They must survive the Pathetic Pant People and a magical swamp sorcerer and battle sinister Billy Booten to regain what is truly theirs.

You will laugh and be on the edge of your seat when you read about Turbo Toilets, Hyper Diapers, Pickety Poo Poo birds and Po-Po Yum Yums as they all come together in “The Attack of the Moo Moo Chickens”.


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1 in stock