The Children’s Rhyming Bible

Authors: Courteney Emmerson-Hicks,  Janice Emmerson-Hicks

Capture and keep your kids’ attentions with this beloved Children’s Rhyming Bible! Featuring joyful illustrations, vivid colors, and a bouncing beat, this beloved Rhyming Bible tells 34 popular Bible stories in an engaging and unforgettable way. Whether you’re starting by reading to your child or they’re beginning to read the Rhyming Bible on their own, this is an age-appropriate Bible they can enjoy growing up with!

Experience the joy this kid’s Bible brings with its:
• 34 popular Bible stories,
• Fun rhyming verses,
• Age-appropriate vocabulary.
• Dozens of colorful illustrations

From Creation and Noah’s Ark to Jesus’ Birth and Resurrection, boys and girls will love the delightful rhymes that will stick in their minds and help them plant God’s Word in their hearts. Each Bible story is short, easy-to-read, and stays accurate to the Bible. Perfect for reading aloud to younger children, bedtime stories, or even for older children wanting to read the Bible to themselves.


10 in stock

10 in stock