The Psalms For Today

Author: Beth LaNeel Tanner

The For Today series is intended to provide reliable and accessible resources for the study of important biblical texts, theological documents, and Christian practices.  The series is written by experts who are committed to making the results of their studies available to those with no particular biblical or theological training.  The goal is to provide an engaging means to study texts and practices that are familiar to laity in churches.  the authors are all committed to the importance of their topics and to communicating the significance of their understandings to a wide audience.  The emphasis is not only on what these subjects have meant in the past but also on their value in the present.

Our hope is that the books in this series will find eager readers in churches, particularly in the context of education classes,.  The authors are educators and pastors who wish to engage church laity in the issues raised by their topics.  they seek to provide guidance for learning, for nurture, and for growth in Christian experience.


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2 in stock