Christian Life and Growth Committee
Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministry Unit

Mission Statement

We are called
to listen, examine and discern a new direction
for children’s, youth and young adult ministry
in the Maritime Conference
by nurturing a sense of community and
promoting safe open space to explore spirituality and
bring energy, freshness and a sense of joy to this ministry.

We will:

  • promote ways of nourishing children’s, youth and young adults’ spirituality
  • support adult faith formation and develop structures for nourishing leadership
  • coordinate existing resources and programmes
  • encourage structures for effective communication
  • encourage the promotion and development of resources that nourish and enrich children’s, youth and young adult spirituality

What is important to us?

  • to hold a sense of hope with, and nurture joy among, those involved with youth and young adult ministry in the conference
  • to continue to explore and unfold our sense of direction with care and attention to detail
  • to nourish ourselves as a unit so we may listen to the Wisdom of Spirit within us all, recognizing none of us have it all
  • to test the Statement of Direction with Presbytery Christian Life and Growth Committees, Congregation CD committees and interested individuals

What can we affirm?

  • We want to honour the abundance and the resources that exist throughout this conference relating ministry with children, youth and young adults
  • We need to listen, be humble and walk with gentle passion
  • We affirm our Statement of Direction and a commitment to testing and unfolding it throughout the conference

What is our primary purpose now?

  • To test the Statement of Direction with others
  • To live the statement within the Intermediates and Children at Conference Programs
  • To commit more time to process and probing and reflecting so we remain responsive to the movement of the Spirit