Old Testament Scholar Walter Brueggemann presents this compelling faith exploration and develops the contemporary significance and relevance of the Old Testament prophets as uncredentialed purveyors of covenant and moral coherence in a world of power, money and violence.

In keeping with the format established by two earlier editions, this new Embracing study engages participants with two components:

(1) A DVD, here featuring five 10-15 minute presentations by Walter Brueggemann, followed by additional video of Walter interacting with a small, diverse group of adults as they respond and discuss the topics, and

(2) a participant workbook containing all the material needed by class participants as well as for the facilitator. (Study Guide by Tim Scorer)


  1. Session 1: Moses, Pharaoh, the Prophets and Us
  2. Session 2: The Prophets as Uncredentialed Purveyors of Covenant
  3. Session 3: Moral Coherence in a World of Power, Money and Violence
  4. Session 4: The Shrill Rhetoric that Breaks Denial
  5. Session 5: The grief of Loss as Divine Judgment
  6. Session 6: The Promissory Language that Breaks Despair