Throughout the Advent-Christmas Season the people of Pictou United Church created a new CAN-struction Christmas Creation. This unique Christmas Creation is created from donations of cans and other non-perishable food items.

The Rev. Mary-Beth Moriarty reports: “In 2008 we made a huge difference as we CAN-structed our Christmas Tree and then donated over 880 cans to the Pictou West Food Bank. In 2009 we “Boxed-It-Up” as we created a Christmas Sleigh out of 350 boxes of food items, which were again donated to the Pictou West Food Bank. In 2010 we CAN-Structed a Christmas Tree once again, with over 400 items going to the Pictou West Food Bank. And, last year, we CAN-Structed the Bethlehem stable, resulting in a donation of over 900 food items to the Pictou West Food Bank.”

At the  close of the Christmas Eve worship 2012, over 629 food items were delivered to the Pictou West Food Bank…. from cans of soup to cans of vegetables… from jars a peanut butter to bottles of apple juice… from boxes of crackers to boxes of hot chocolate.

What a good idea and creative way to be present in the community!

If you would like  further information please contact the Rev. Mary-Beth Moriarity at Pictou United Church at 485-8081.