Updated on September 12, 2011

The Staff Committee of the Maritime Conference is a group of 11 people who seek to be supportive and encouraging toward the Executive Secretary, the Conference Program Ministers, the Conference Support Staff and the Conference Archivist.

Much like a Ministry and Personnel committee on a local Pastoral Charge, the Conference Staff Committee seeks to be a safe place for the staff to share their hopes and dreams, their concerns and challenges, their plans for ministry and their needs concerning continuing education.

The full committee meets 3 – 4 times a year to deal with relevant and emerging issues that affect our staff. Between meetings, each of the Program Ministers – David, Laura, Janice, and Kendall – meets with a liaison person.

These liaison persons have been selected by the Program Staff Person as a confidant and individual support person. This is really where much of the work of the Staff Committee is carried out, in that these “one on one” meetings can be as frequent and as in depth as need be.

Through these trusted friends, the staff are able to reflect on their ministry, discuss personal issues, have help with planning for future ministry or work related to their portfolio, or whatever matter, issue or concern the two decide to discuss. These meetings are strictly confidential and no report is made to the entire Staff Committee. If there are business items that emerge from these meetings then, by mutual agreement, a report is made to the Staff Committee’s regular meeting.

In like manner a liaison person is selected by the Support Staff and he or she meets with Jennifer, Lorraine, and Marlene on a regular basis. An individual from the Staff Committee is named to be a liaison with the Conference Archivist – Sarah – for the same purpose. The Archivist also has the Archives Committee as support.

The Staff Committee certainly appreciates the quality of work that is being done in the name of the Maritime Conference. We are blessed to have competent people doing the tasks that we ask of them. Indeed, we recognize that often they go beyond the call of duty to address the needs of this big and wide-spread Conference.

As a Staff Committee we try to be as supportive as we can be, not only in helping our staff do their work, but also in helping them take care of their own needs for time off and renewal.