As Christian Stewards – “We are called to be the church, to love and serve others”

Our committee – managers of the gifts which God has entrusted to us and how we communicate Stewardship to your congregations – is very important to us. We are deeply committed to the mission of the church and are faithful in our relationship with God in terms of responsibility and grace. We are a group of people who promote awareness of

  • Stewardship as a lifestyle
  • respect for creation
  • sharing and making wonderful use of our time, talent and treasure

Stewardship is about a positive attitude for living, an attitude of gratitude.

We meet twice a year as a unit and once a year with Human Resources Unit. We plan and present workshops for Presbytery and Presbyterial convenors and will include Mission and Service Fund Enthusiasts in the area of our workshop – usually once a year.

We present focus groups and presentations at the annual meeting of Maritime Conference. We are strong advocates of our “Enthusiasts” – do you have an “Enthusiast” named in your congregation?

We plan and prepare training programs for leaders in the Maritime Conference Resource Pool, who in turn provide their leadership for stewardship educational events throughout the conference.

We encourage congregations to submit their Missiion and Service Fund givings on a monthly basis to the National Office. The Special Gift Planner for Maritime Conference is also a member of our committee and she shares valueable hints and information to us as well.

Stewardship – showing our thankfullness to God by sharing and caring for others in response to God’s love for us.