Pastoral Prayers to Share Year A, B, C Prayers of the People for Each Sunday of the Church Year

Author: David Sparkes

Acknowledging that the pastoral prayer is often overlooked and undervalued, and that clergy and lay leaders may be hard-pressed for time to compose a fresh pastoral prayer each week, David Sparks has put together a unique and comprehensive lectionary-based collection of prayers that can be adapted to present circumstances and used in a variety of settings.

The pastoral prayer is about bringing ourselves individually and as a faith community into right relationship with God, and about expressing our compassion for suffering, wherever it is found.  to that end, Sparks has put together a resource that helps clergy and lay leaders create relevant and involving prayers.

Based on the scripture readings from the Revised Common Lectionary for each week of Year A, the prayers offer a responsive format that can be adapted to a variety of settings of a congregation’s immediate circumstances.

Each prayer is divided into four easily identifiable sections: world, suffering, church, ourselves.


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7 in stock